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Canadian Menthol Cigarettes

Canadian Menthol Cigarettes

The first use of menthol in cigarettes was in the 20s when the industry marketed them to be better than regular cigarettes. Ads emphasized a completely different perspective of them by adding the appeal of coldness, freshness, and nature, inspiring the thought that they are indeed better than non-menthol cigarettes.

Statistics observe that sales and market shares increased rapidly for brands that sold menthol cigarettes, which means they gained a lot of popularity among consumers. Decades afterward, the government introduced a new perspective about these cigarettes into the market, which showed that the minty taste contributed to increased addiction and substantial drug overdoses.

The Current Take On Menthol Cigarettes Before You Buy Cigarette Cartons Online

Menthol cigarettes inspire plenty of motivation for users to increase their usage and possibly trigger an intense addiction. However, misleading reports do not state that they are just as dangerous as any other drug. Therefore you should maintain the same level of self-control and restraint as you would with any other type of cigarette.

Do not feel encouraged to switch if you think that menthol cigarettes are less addictive because they work the same way as all other types. Incorrect beliefs will eventually lead to problematic results because your body and mind are numb to the actual effects of these minty ingredients.

We advise consumers to practice the same caution they do with all other types of cigarettes, with the added benefit that they can enjoy the taste more and have a pleasant smoking experience.

Reasons People Love Our Canadian Menthol Cigarettes

Flavored Cigarettes Are Easy To Use

Two-thirds of everyone who starts consuming cigarettes will find that taking flavored cigarettes is more accessible and offers the same effects as taking regular ones. Adults between the ages of 18-24 report that they do not enjoy regular cigarettes or traditional tobacco ones, so they switch to vapes, which have better flavors but are potentially more harmful than regular cigs.

Perfected Taste

Manufacturing cigarettes is easy, but perfecting the taste to have just the right amount of menthol is a complex art. Nearly all manufacturers of menthol cigarettes try to mask the harshness of the normal ones, but they forget that the tobacco should be intense to maintain the same intensity.

Our brands’ manufacturers understand it takes a bit of skill to satisfy the taste buds and not lose the original flavor. Canadian cigarette brands keep in mind the exact quotient of tobacco that should be added to the cig and only introduce a fair and healthy amount of menthol to dissolve the original taste without causing further complications.

Best Way To Take Canadian Menthol Cigarettes

Nicotine is the strongest urge for one to keep going back to the use of cigarettes. We strongly recommend that you figure out your reasons for taking cigarettes and only take them when you can control your intake and not become a victim of addiction.

Remember that you add to the habit each time you order cigarettes, so you should only order Canadian Classics online from a reputable store or brand. Check out cigarette prices online to learn more.

Canadian Menthol Cigarettes
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Canadian Menthol Cigarettes
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